Hello world!

Alright…alright…welcome to the 21st Century, Dan. I’ll blog already.  My vast audience (all three of my adoring fans) who want to read my narcissistic null points can stop emailing me. I’m here. Let the fun begin!

I can see it now…

Someone a thousand years from now will be data mining a cracked and rusty old chip (today we look for rusty old ships, tomorrow it will be old chips) and will discover this old blog locked in a small segment of amberized ram that somehow survived the EMP bursts of 2036. (Am I sharing too much optimism here?)  They will decipher my ancient blog and come to the firm and intractable conclusion that humans from this time were word crazy yappers, full of insightful ideas on unsolicited topics… a little bit funny, and a LOT bit crazy.  They’ll be sure it was the vast stacks of aluminum cans leaching into our sugar substituted soda concoctions which made our culture neurotic. And they would probably be right. (By the way, they will use those 9.36 trillion cans to build the Great Colorado Reef to hold back the water – so it’s all good. Drink away!) 

But I digress… The BLOGOSPHERE awaits! (As does some under-paid, over-stimulated paleontologist lab tech with a “Silicon Age” chip reader in 2898 AD)



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