Welcome to the Vat!


Hello everyone.

I hope you’ve arrived here because you are an explorer.  Like me, you’re looking for new ideas and new experiences to add to your repertoire. You’re a collector of thoughts. You are always on the hunt for the next big thing – the precious seed that becomes the oak, which becomes the ship, which finds a new continent, which is then used as a club weapon to conquer it. (Wait, that analogy went south somewhere…)

What I mean is, this is a place for the adventurous mind. The veracious reader. The lifelong learner. The certifiable loon who knows the world isn’t flat.  (No, you are the adamant disciple of space/time twisted like a Möbius strip wrapped around.through.before.after a dodecahedron. It’s obvious, right?  Just look at the horizon.  Or the beauty and wonder in a baby’s eyes.) 

And you also happen to be interested in creativity and linear or lateral thinking – the former for climbing the ladder , the latter for climactic leaping. (say that five times fast.)

Well, you’ve found the right place!


Big thoughts. Surprise ideas. Crazy conclusions…that somehow work.  We all have this talent in us to some degree. It was nature’s shortcut for survival. Instead of forcing a series of slow logic gates in the brain to close, say maybe 250 milliseconds of calculation…which would result in fatal skin disease (to the tune of saber tooth fang marks), the brain became very good at making large and fast leaps to spur action before too much thought time was wasted.  Call it instinct, intuition, muscle memory, hand of God, collective/genetic memory, Newton’s apple, or Einstein’s hair – we all have the ability to think outside the turtle shell, outside the box, or kicked outside the Garden of Eden (whichever origin story you prefer.)  We can all be creative, and I’ll show you how. 

So welcome to this place of solitude. You’ve clicked your heels (or your screen) and found the magic cave .  You’ve cracked the Code of Hammurabi and found it’s really just a TV Guide.  Here I hope to create a safe house for unsafe ideas, a repository for out of ring boxing…or is it out of box ringing?  A Wonderland where Alice is queen…or where she can be a cyborg, cross-dressing atheist nun who drinks sugar-free absinth to see a rainbow of colors beyond the black and white.  (Hey, what the Pope don’t know, the Pope don’t mind.) 

So let’s all get ready to touch the wild blue wonder.  


I come from an industry rampant with creative people and powerful teams who make entertainment out of pixels and math. It is both art and science, and it is just as crazy as movies, and maybe even a little bit more insane these days. And I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I hope to not only give you some insight into this amazing world, but also to bring in new ideas from the outside, in a hope to mix it up and make some noise. We’re going to crack some eggs. We’re going to talk about crack.  We’re definitely going to offend some and hero-worship others. We’re going to cry havoc and let loose!

So I would like to pre-apologize for any upsets I may cause. It’s all in good fun, and of course all neurotic musings are fun and games until someone loses an eye-popping lawsuit. 🙂

So let’s get to it.  The true creative process is really a big vat where strange brews are introduced, mixed together, and cooked to perfection.

Welcome to the Vat!  Get ready for some heat and spice…



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